Forbidden Flower 1G | 2 Pack

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Bringing the whole flower flavor to every pre-roll, these half gram beauties are great for burning solo, or puff, puff, passing. Treat yourself to a twosome of whole flower deliciousness delivered in iconic style…and lighten tf up.

Turn On –

Designed for intimacy, exploration, connection, and ecstasy.

Get in the mood with turn on. Light up these strains when you’re looking to get intimate with one (or more) people. Great for exploring your adventurous side and opening up to new experiences.

Whether you have costumes and adult toys to play with or are just looking to connect with an old friend over dinner, Turn On strains will keep you engaged and open.

Zone In –

Designed for calm creativity, focused energy, and patience.

Become your own zen master with Zone In. Roll up these strains when you’re looking to be productive and creative – working, drawing, journaling, gaming, creating.

Zone In helps you find your flow through a calm mind and body coupled with a focused energy.

Hype Up –

Designed for energy, motivation, passion, and dancing the night away.

Hype Up is the life of the party. Puff on these strains when you’re looking for a pick-me-up. Perfect for pre-partying or keeping the party going ‘till the sun comes up.

Whether you’re looking for a late-night boost or some motivation before hitting the gym, Hype Up delivers day or night.

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